GOALS is a company that I have created with my mother and sister. GOALS is about using images to set visions and goals for the future, and to create more of the feelings we want more in life. Through the goal-setter website, we've made it possible for users to create their own large-scale collages or calendars, which includes the images they choose, which represents a good feeling or atmosphere for them.

As the CIO of the company, my responsibilites are to:

  • Create the website along with two great programmers.
  • Lay content and marketing strategies.
  • Make improvements to the website based on data from Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar and other analytic API tools.
  • Lead the eCommerce direction.
  • Project management - Lead a team of programmers and plan future development of the website and concept.

Migraine is a struggle that many people in the world have to deal with. In Denmark alone, half a million people have migraine to some extent, either a couple of times a month, week or daily. I had the opportunity to be able to work as a videographer for BalancAir, the company behind Rehaler, a new form of migraine treatment that doesn't require medication.

My responsibility are to create content for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to be used as either regular content or ads. The content consisted multiple different types of videos, namely: infomercials, testimonials, branding content etc.

In total, my responsibilities are:

  • To create infomercial video content in multiple languages.
  • Travelling to different destinations to create testimonials.
  • Videos for different social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Tourists from outside the EU have the benefit of being able to purchase goods tax free in certain centres. However, not every customer is aware of this benefit. In collaboration with Magasin du Nord, a well reknowned shopping mall with designer products and more exclusive sortiments of products, Planet Payment needed videos to showcase their workers on how the Tax Free procedure worked.

The vidoes were made short with a nice mixture of B-roll of Magasin du Nord in conjunction with a scenario and dialogue between a customer from Switzerland and a cashier. The idea is to explain to the viewer how the procedure of Tax Free is done, what benefits it includes and where to receive the discount.

In total, my responsibilities are:

  • To create scenarios and dialogue to explain Tax Free as a concept. This was done through storyboards and manuscripts.
  • Post-production: Editing, color-grading, sound-design, music, subtitling etc.

Livingoodies is an exclusive interior shop that sells high class furniture and decorations. Livingoodies creates its own furniture in a sustainable fashion. So much so that the materials used in the furniture can be traced all the way back to the roots and origins from which they were found. This level of care and finesse should be displayed through all segments of the shop, also the online shop.

Livingoodies has since 2008 had an online shop, but it is long overdue for renewal. For this, I was made eCommerce responsible, which meant making the blueprint for the new website, including the content for the products, marketing/branding. Having already had experience with Shopify and WooCommerce, I decided the best option for the magnitude of the shop to be Shopify.

The new website is currently in development.

The link above redirects to the old website.

In total, my responsibilities are:

  • Blueprint all the requirements for the new online shop, including content (products, categories), marketing, streamlining the different social medias.
  • Programming the new website from the bottom up. (Shopify already is easy to set up, but restricted in a lot of areas if you want further development.)
  • Keeping track of the project in conjunction with my project colleague, Regitze.